Sunday, June 07, 2009

This and That...

Vbs is over... it was a long, hard but good week. My children love it. It was crazy at times. Our church is very structured for VBS and we do a rotation type bible school. We are singing the songs for weeks after VBS and remember them for years.

"Boomerang Express... it all comes back to Jesus...."

This week things will slow down and we will spend lots more time at home. We are enjoying our summer schedule. Each afternoon they swim and then have a rest time. We read and work on our Keepers of the Faith Club in the mornings. It is nice having more relaxing time with the children. We spend some time outside sitting on our swing or swimming.... or both.

Our Mandi (20) will be leaving on a mission trip in a week for Ukraine. She will be going with a group of people. She is so excited. I am very nervous. I know that she has prayed and prayed for years to be able to do this. She will work with orphan children. I am excited for her and know God is working in her life. Will you pray with me for Mandi... and for those she will be impacting for the Lord in Ukraine.

Life continues to change all around us. I have always said "I do not like change or I do not do well with change" but I think as I am growing older I am learning..... to embrace it.... to grab hold of it and to actually enjoy it.

Here is something I am sure you will enjoy.... I haven't figured out how to insert the video here but click on the link and watch. It is so nice.

Would love to hear how your summer is going..... I love hearing from all of you~


  1. praying for Mandi...and you.
    Love you,

  2. I will keep both Mandi and you in my prayers often. I know how hard it is to say good bye. Just praise God that she is going on a missions trip and will be home soon. There may come a day when she will only come home every few years if she truly goes out to become a full time missionary.

    I look forward to meeting you next week. Be blessed my friend and know that you are in my prayers often.

    Love in Christ,