Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally after so long....

Mandi has prayed and asked the Lord to allow her to go on a mission trip for so very long.

Well, our oldest daughter is now.... across the Atlantic Ocean.... in Ukraine. We are so very thankful and know that if it wasn't for God... this would of never happened. He allowed every detail to work out. Also our great friend and youth pastor Rick.

She was so very excited. We live about 3 hrs from the airport and her plane left early yesterday morning.... so we went up Sunday night. Just her and I..... then yesterday morning we went to the airport..... I know this is all in God's plan ....

About 5am this morning I heard a text message come in....

"I am HERE.... it is all I imagined.... I love you so much!"

Thank you, Jesus~


  1. Your new horsey is fun. Is it a full size?

    I do know, through the blog world, Sue. I do not know if she still reads but especially when Joel was in the hosp. and after he went to heaven she commented alot. She was very encouraging! So glad you got to meet her.

    Remember John-Clay who did Joel's Journey, well he is going to the Ukraine as well but his trip is later, it has something to do with video.

    Have a happy day!!!


  2. Praying she has a wonderful and fruitful time. - Deedee

  3. I hope and pray that y'all are having a wonderful time at the beach. Praying for Mandi, so glad to hear that she made it safe and that she is pleased to be there.

    Love in Christ,