Saturday, July 08, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my Dad would of been 93. July is such a special month of memories. Dad was born July 8th, he was in WWII,  and he went to be with Jesus on July 14th. 

Several months ago a new road/lane was put in on our road and some new people moved in. The name made me smile.  EJ Lane.  My dad's name was E.J. My grandmother always told me my dad was born on my road.... in 1924.  She would tell me how they would walk down to the end of the road to church. My dad was the 5th born. So, when they lived on this road she had four living children.   My dad ... newborn, my aunt Edith 2 yrs old, Evelyn 4, and Earl 6. I love thinking about them living out here. One time when Dad was visiting he pointed out where he thought their house might be.  We found the old remains of a fireplace. I took several of the bricks and they are in my secret garden. 

I'm so thankful God led us here after our house burned in 1991.  Isn't that the coolest? He sees the end from the beginning. Now, 93 years later there is a road sign with my Dad's name on it. Thank you, Jesus for all your gifts. 


Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you.

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  1. What a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing! I love history & sentimental stories!