Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer of 2015

Our summer was wonderful. One of the best I can remember. We volunteered at two camps. Our church's kids camp called SUMMERGIZE and our church's DNOW called THE WKEND kids went to THE WKEND and I helped.  We also had a great time at Backyard Bible Club.  Lots of memories made.
                All the helpers~ Orange Team
              Lysa's small group.  Gracie helped.
                           We went to a local swimming/zip lining place.  Wyatt & Wyn


 Lysa and the boys (and their friends) had a great time at THE WKEND.

 Happy Birthday, America!
 Love our crystal clear pool and banana trees!

 we went to the atlantic coast with our lifelong friends .... just for the day! Of course Chic fil A afterwards!
 Such fun at Backyard Bible Club! It is always so much fun being this these kids.

 We made a trip to Splash in the Boro.  The guys stayed on the Flo Rider the whole day!

Lots more to share.... about our Summer of 2015.  Part 2 soon.  How was/is your summer. We have started back to school this week so lots of changes. We were sad to see summer go... but they are excited for fall.  PLUS, our grandson arrives in the fall/Oct!

Grace~ Teena

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  1. So thankful that your summer was so blessed! :)