Saturday, June 20, 2015

Keeping it Real.... Thank you, Jesus!

Last few days I have been struggling.  Just going to be real here.....   it took me a bit to put my
 finger on it.....   was texting a lifelong friend ...asking her to pray for me.

I know what to do when I get into a funk.   Even if I do not want to....

I get into the word more.
listen to worship.
pull out devotionals that speak to my heart

I count my gifts.
Listing them in my gratitude journal ....

the sunshine
my secret garden
crystal clear pool
His mercy
hugs from my boys
a day at home
library books
reading to the kids

just the simple things......    

I know this.... I have known this.....    but the enemy wants to destroy ...  and I truly believe he does that by attacking the mothers....

One devotion that is always my go to....

One Thousand Gifts DEVOTIONAL by Ann Voskamp

"when you know you're Hagar and you finally come to the end of yourself and all the water in your canteen is goneand you know you and your son are going to die if you don't get some JOY to the lips and down the parched throat- and now; when you can no longer stand to see those you love die all around you from your emptiness, pray with the eyes wide open and prayer becomes revelation. Eyes change and what we see changes in them. You have to want to see the well before you can drink from it. You have to want to see JOY, God in the moment." 

Is that amazing or what?

Then this afternoon I was reading over at Ann's place.  This caught my eye.... "When Family Breaks your Heart."   I clicked on it.   It is long..  but so worth it!  Please take a few minutes and read this post.  Especially if you are a mother!

God always meets us where we are at.....  I am so thankful for that....    it may seem too simple but it has changed my life. Giving thanks always brings JOY.  

Thank you, Jesus.

Grace~  Teena

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