Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Giving and Serving....

For several years now .... the Saturday before Christmas we serve the needy in our area. We participate in what is called 7 Baskets at Christmas.  This year was a bit different than the last couple years.

We delivered food boxes to shut ins.....    and then we went into two areas and gave out food boxes, water and toys.  One of the locations were where we had our backyard bible club this past summer. It was amazing to see the children and how they remembered us.

Two of the girls said to me......  "I can't wait to see Lysa!"    We also helped a family that we have known for several years.  We were able to pray with them.

I do not share this to brag.....   but I have found when we serve it helps us to take our eyes off ourselves and think of others. A lot of the time..... we are the ones who are deeply blessed.

 I love how God has allowed us to build relationships there.....

It was a long day.....  but such a wonderful, blessed one.

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Grace~ Teena

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  1. Giving always blesses MY own soul! A pastor I had once repeatedly told us, when you feel sad/depressed/pity, reach out & help someone else. We always have more to give. We will always see the blessing. It brings thankfulness which breeds joy!