Saturday, November 29, 2014

How We do Black Friday~

This time of year there is lots and lots of talk about Black Friday.  Statements like "we give thanks one day and the next we fight people over STUFF."  We have never really played into all that....  but we do go out on Black Friday. Lysa and I pull an all nighter.  We usually leave around midnight or after and drive to the closest "big" town...  about 2 hrs away.  By the time we arrive most of the crowds/fighters have left....   Around 5-6am when Lysa is getting sleepy I treat her to a Starbucks!

We are always at Lifeway at 7.  We are always looking for the Jesus Story Book Bible because most years they are $5. We give them away.  This year we hope to give some to our Backyard Bible kids.

We love Lifeway ....    people do not push or grab. In the line we talk to others and once I met a girl and we connected. She shared how she loves Compassion and her sponsored children.  We are now friends on facebook.

We go to lunch and may even take a nap in the car. Last year Lysa didn't feel very well so we decided to take a break and we went downtown.....

This is St. Joseph's Cathedral in Macon, Georgia.  Such a beautiful place.  We went back a few weeks later to show the boys.... it was decorated for Christmas.
j So for us.... it is more about making memories.  If we find a few special things great. We have a wonderful time and have laughed and laughed about our crazy adventures!

That's  how we do our Black Friday......

Grace~ Teena


  1. I love hearing how you "redeem" this day and the memories you are creating. You've taught me that for some, this tradition is full of meaning and intention and not greed (like so many claim). I've gotten kind of tired of hearing how awful Black Friday is and how we should reconsider our involvement. It's true that for most it's a consumeristic festival, but for others it's a bonding experience and quite possibly even necessary to make the budget stretch.

    So thanks for giving me a new perspective. Hugs!

  2. That's so neat! I am not into Black Friday either. I LOVE to shop, but I try to finish all of that before Thanksgiving to enjoy our holidays. The church pictures are so beautiful! Lifeway is one of my favorite stores in Macon!!!