Friday, August 22, 2014

The Wait is Over.

This is a bit long.... but so worth it. Keep watching....  around 4:16 you will need a tissue!

The world tells us we can't make a difference but I beg to differ.....   I think if you could ask our sponsored children....  they would tell you different.  Our words make such a difference.  They can damage and they can build up.

We try to write our Compassion children every month. Either on line or ....  hand written.  It is so very easy and only takes a few minutes to write online.  When I write a handwritten letter ... I love to add stickers and little things.....   oh and pictures!

It only take a minute or two .... or ten to build up a neighbor, friend, husband, child.....    and that is the same with our Compassion children.

We can make a difference..... one child at a time!

Sponsor a child today... make a difference forever!

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