Monday, July 07, 2014

Counting my Compassion JOY.

Jill over at Compassion Family shares each month about her Compassion JOYS. It's that time of the month when we take a few moments to name all the gifts and blessings God has brought our way through the ministry of Compassion. Join us! 

This is my first time doing this....   hoping to keep it up and join in each month. I am a little late....  but wanted to jump in! You should give it a try too! 

Letters from Neema, Eritus and Betlhem!

A special picture from Betlhem.

I was able to chat for a bit with Maureen (all the way from Kenya via fb chat) ~ Compassion LDP graduate and ext. director of the Mercy House.
                                       Jan. 2013

Several people from my church (GracePointe) want me to have a Compassion question/answer/letter writing class!

Seeing pictures of several Compassion Advocates trips to meet their sponsored child!

Counting all the ways He blesses us through the ministry of Compassion International!

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. I love this - i"m so glad you joined in! Thanks!!

  2. Thankful for how Compassion has changed not only the lives of children but your family too! Pray for us as God opens the doors for my family to be a help to God's children internationally!