Friday, June 06, 2014

Our Compassion Family.

I thought it would be good to introduce you to our Compassion Family.  Not to brag but to show you how very special these children are to all of us.

This is Ucok. He turned 10 this past April.  He was our very first Compassion child. We sponsored him in March 2008. He was almost 4. Ucok doesn't like to write and his letters are short but we love him so much!
This is Bethlem. She is 13 and from Ethiopia. She is our correspondence child. What that means is we do not financially sponsor her but we write her! She has been a part of our family since 2010.
This is Neema. She is 7 and from Tanzania. Mandi sponsored her while in Africa in 2010. Mandi was able to continue so Dakota took her and we write her. She has really grown and her recently new picture she is smiling!
This is Erik. He is 10 and from Bolivia. We sponsored in February 2012. We hear from Erik a lot and he is so kind and loving.
This is Emmanuel. He is 12 and from Kenya. Mike & Amber sponsor him but they let us write him some. We love that.

These children have changed our life. Being able to share Jesus with them and tell them how very special they are ....    is life changing. I am so thankful to be a part of Compassion.

Hope your weekend is great. May the Joy of the Lord be yours...

Sponsor a child today, change a life forever!

Grace~ Teena


  1. Love "meeting" your family!!! I have a BIG smile on my face after reading this!

  2. GREAT! Thanks for sharing your family!