Friday, March 28, 2014

Orlando Time~

Happy Friday! Looks like it will be a rainy weekend here.....    it is slow here this weekend. Last weekend we spent several days in Orlando with our oldest son Michael (Mike) and his wife Amber. We love it there. I was raised in Orlando. My sister is there. Mike & Amber moved there in 2010 to church plant. Mike is the worship leader. She is a nurse for a Heart Group in Orlando but works part time at Sea World. She gives us free tickets. We went to Aquatica. It is Sea World's water park. I love it.   It is so pretty there and peaceful.

It was a great day!

I am so thankful for all that God is doing.......   at Grace Conway. So proud of my son and so very thankful for our daughter in law.... Amber.

Have a great weekend!

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Grace~ Teena

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  1. Glad y'all had such a great time. & guess what? We are leaving for Orlando tomorrow afternoon! We are headed to Discovery Cove & Sea World. My boys have never been, and I doubt Raegan remembers visiting Orlando at all since she was still so tiny. We can't wait! I'm packing now! :)