Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Little Boy Named Fabian... and Forty Three More!

A couple weeks ago Lysa and I worked a Compassion Event. The Hands of God Tour.  I love working events... seeing children sponsored.  It is life changing like so many things are with Compassion International.

The people you meet and being able to talk to people about sponsorship and how it literally changes the child's life....  and your life too is amazing!

Lysa spent time talking to lots of people....   these two girls were asking her questions and she shared about Jazzy Rain, her sponsored girl from the Philippines. Sharing how she receives medical treatment, food, care, love and the gospel.  How their families are also blessed and encouraged through their child being sponsored. It was great seeing her just talk about Compassion.....   it is truly part of us and so being able to share about it....   is easy.

As I was looking at the packets of the children .... I saw this one boy named Fabian. He was from Columbia.  He had been waiting 445 days for a sponsor.  My heart just hurt for me. I remembered our Erik from Bolivia who always says in his letters "I am a kind boy, I am so happy you are a part of my family now."    Later in the evening ....   when the concert was almost over and we didn't expect many more to be sponsored.....    I saw Fabian's packet still there. A few minutes later ... a middle aged man approached the table.  He said "I want to sponsor a child.... just pick one for me."   Seriously?!  I went right over to Fabian...   told the man how long Fabian had been waiting and he said "That's who I want, I want to make a difference in someone's life today!"    Isn't God great?!  Not only was Fabian changed that day,  the man was changed and so was I!

So many stories of how children were released from poverty in Jesus name!  46 children were sponsored at that Hands of God Tour!  46 lives forever changed.  46 lives who will hear the gospel!

For His glory~

Change a life forever... sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. Love how God works! : ) Thanks for sharing your story!