Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Fast Things Change

We are excited over here at our house. Mike & Amber will be here on Monday to spend the week with us!  They came at Christmas but only for 2 days ....  and everything was rushed.  They came last October and it was so much fun.   We miss them.  They live in Orlando.  We visit there several times a year too.

With three adult children  life is so different.  Our three still at home keep me busy....   when I think about it....   it really shocks me that I have...

almost 29 yr old, 25, 21, 16, 12 & 10.      Wow.

Time goes so fast.  

Our first three we raised/school/taught so differently.   We used a box/textbook curriculum.  I realize now how we have changed so much through the years.....   its like we have morphed into something else. We are now more Charlotte Mason.  We read more living books, apologetic and world view. I am so much more laid back,  not stressing if they do not read till they are 8....  or 9.....    all of mine read well now.  I stressed some with the last two but realized they would get it.

We play more......  laugh more....   even through the hard times.   I always go back to how counting gifts changed the way I see life.

When Michael was born I was 23.  When our youngest was born I was almost 42.  Twenty yrs of children.... during that time lots changed.  I thought at one point we would be a military family but things changed.  I never thought I would go through my husband struggling daily with agoraphobia when most people never heard of the word.  Life is hard.  Learning to see the gift in the every day HARD....   changes the way I see.  

Now with our youngest being 10 and second to the youngest 12....   I realize how important this time is with them.  How fleeting it is.

So this random post .....   not really for anything.  Just on my heart.   Maybe it will speak to yours.

Thankful to be the mom of a half dozen.....   and a beautiful daughter in law.

Can't wait to see Mike & Amber in a few days!

Grace~ Teena


  1. May God bless your time together! What special treat! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the days because they fly by fast!

  2. So excited for y'all! ENJOY!