Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Looking Back and Looking Forward.....

As we are all looking ahead to the year ahead of us....with fresh starts.... As I look back on 2013.....  and my word ... PEACE.

In 2011~ my word was Mercy

In 2012~ my word was Grace

and 2013~ as I said my word was Peace.

My word for 2014 is......

For years I would make a list of my New Year Resolutions.  Most of that included...

lose weight
read X amount of books
read my bible every day

Usually I would do well for about a month.....   and most of those things I do already. I spent lots and lots of time beating myself up when I messed up.

For the past three years I have picked ONE WORD.   Continued counting my gifts and reading when I could.....  but doing this has freed me. You can pick a word too.....  

My Hope is in JESUS.   Not in what I can do.....  

Just over the past week or so......  the word HOPE kept coming up. It's not magic but for me one word that I can focus on daily.

Discover the impact one word can make!

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Grace~ Teena

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