Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God gives me JOY~

As I have shared here .... this year has been a difficult one.   God always gives me grace....  His mercies are new each morning and I continue to count my gifts....   it keeps my eyes on Him. It makes me SEE His glory gifts all around....   it makes me not see the negative (as much) and to give Him thanks in all things.  I am still learning.....  

I shared how Mike & Amber came to visit ....   I was so blessed by their visit.  I want to *brag* a little about my oldest.  I love him dearly.  He will be married six years on Monday!  I am so very proud of him. You know God's word talks about the JOY a son brings....

Michael is 28.  He loves Jesus.  He is such a wonderful son, husband and older brother to his siblings. I saw that this when he was here. I saw him smile lots...  I needed it. God knew.  The way he helped the boys with their tree fort and laughed with them.  The way he didn't snap or get frustrated at them....

Michael was 18 when our youngest was born.  People said he would never be close to his younger brothers....   that isn't so.  It is different but I am so very thankful for the godly example Mike has on Wyatt & Wesley.  I am also so thankful for the fun he has with them!

In 2010, Mike & Amber moved to Orlando to church plant. Mike is the worship pastor at Grace Conway.

God's timing is perfect. I am so very thankful for Mike & Amber.  So thankful for the man Michael is. So thankful for all the years of home schooling him and just being with him. So thankful for his love for Jesus.....   the most important thing of all!

Grace~ Teena

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