Monday, August 12, 2013

We are Shrinking..... 6, 5, 4, now 3...

It just feels so weird.....    not sure why....   the heart is a funny thing. You *think* you will feel/act one way ... and all of a sudden....   you feel so different than you *thought* you would.

On Friday we moved Dakota into his dorm at VSU. Billy (husband), Lysa & I went to move him in. The boys~ Wyatt & Wesley stayed with friends.  Lots of walking and carrying things up three flights of stairs....   in the August summer heat.

The four of us went to Firehouse Subs...  Dakota loves to eat there. We made a trip to Walmart ... then realized we forgot some things so .... off we went to Target.

Dakota has already finished two years at the local college. He turned 20 in March. He is ready for this next step.... and .... I am too....  I KNOW it is what happens. So why does my heart play tricks on me?

Then there is Lysa....  she said this morning "I didn't realize it would be SO hard."  Dakota & Lysa are close....    they have somewhat of the same personality. He is protective of her.  The relationship between them just makes my heart smile. He is missing her....   and she is him.

We all are.....

With a half dozen children......  and a wonderful daughter in law....   I am so very blessed.  I was thinking back to when all six were here at home.  It was 2003.  Wesley & Michael only lived here together for three weeks.  WOW.   Michael was 18, Mandi was 14, Dakota 10, Lysa 6, Wyatt 18 months & Wesley 3 wks.

So ten years ago this month we moved Michael into BPC about two hours away.....

The boys (Wyatt & Wesley) reminded me on the way home from church "Mom, pretty soon you will have to do this with Lysa."  I kindly told them to be quiet.

I am already missing the *crazy* years....   you know the ones.Yes, this is the natural progression of how life works....   yes....   I know.  It is my heart that I am trying to convince.

The amazing, JOYFUL gift of being a mother~ thank you, God.

Grace~ Teena


  1. Loving you! Praying for you! Although things seem uncertain & scary, change holds the potential of a new blessing!

  2. ((HUGS)) Praying for you. New seasons bring new joy. I'm in a season of change. My baby is not such a baby anymore. You handle this with such grace. May God comfort you and give you peace through this time.