Friday, March 22, 2013

We are Heartbroken.

So very sad. Yesterday we found our Skipper (Skip) dead in our neighbors yard. Skip is about 9 yrs old. He was my walking partner. My friend. I know he was *just* a dog but my heart hurts so much.

Skip always went to *visit* his girlfriend at the neighbors every 6 months or so.

This time they had a new bull dog. I think the bull dog bit Skip and then our neighbor shot Skip. Once in the side and once in the neck. We live in rural area.....  no lease law.

Anyway.... if you could pray for us. Wyatt, Wesley & Lysa are so sad. Dakota & Mandi were at work. I went to town later yesterday and went by their work. I txt Amber ... she told Mike. We are all sad. So many memories with Skip. They are better today then yesterday.  My heart is so broken. Every time I went outside he was there. Lately, we let him come in and we pampered him. Just last week I had to go pick up Lysa and I let him ride with me. We went on a walk together Tuesday & Wednesday morning. He chased the squirrels as usual. He was humble except if our cat or Daisy tried to take his food. He was a mix breed. Not sure what....  maybe rat terrier and jack russell? Or rat terrier and corgi?  He was a great dog... the best.
Skip.  Skipper. I would sing to him every morning when I walked .. as I put on my shoes.

Skipper the dog.... the dog with the slipper that Skipper... he could do this and he could do that...
(song from Kipper the dog).

We will miss him so much.

Grace~ Teena


  1. I am so sorry Teena and I do understand. Whispering a prayer for all of you.

  2. sorry to hear this.
    We will be praying for you all!
    The Mayo Family

  3. Teena,
    To say "I'm so sorry for your loss" seems so pitifully inadequate--but I am nevertheless. It's so tough to lose a beloved pet. Especially when it's such a senseless act of aggression. Did the neighbors talk to you before they just shot him? I mean for goodness sake!!

    Our neighbors have a gazillion Mastiffs and they're mostly caged but he lets them out to *exercise* them or clean their cages and guess where they go when they're out? Yep, right down the hill to our house. They broke into our chicken pen last year and killed 2 of the chickens. They slam their bodies against the backyard fence where we chain our Great Pyrenees (she is an escape artist and the first place she heads is up to their house!!) on a long lead. They come charging down at us barking and foaming at the mouth (I kid you not!!) and chase Steve or the kids. Steve gets out his gun and fires it into the bluff to try to scare them off but wouldn't shoot them unless they were attacking someone or one of our little dogs. We've called the sheriff before and the neighbor told the sheriff that Steve was screaming and pointing his gun at his wife and daughter and threatening them. Go figure. Sigh.

    We have no leash laws here either but we keep everybody on leashes or a lead except for our old Dachshund Oliver cause he just pretty much stays right close to the house. It's a pain but losing them would hurt more.

    Don't feel badly for loving your pets. Even though Skipper was *just* a dog he was still a member of your family and you had a strong bond with him. His loss is important to you. I'll pray for you to continue to have a right spirit and for healing to come to your family's hearts. Such a sad thing. (((((Big Hug)))))
    Love ya!

  4. I'm really sorry Teena, I'm praying for you and your family.

  5. Aw! How sad :( People can be so y'all!