Monday, February 11, 2013

Choose Joy~

I was reading a blog post about a fellow blogger Gitzengirl. She went to be with Jesus in Sept 2011. Her legacy lives on....  with her motto "Choose Joy."  I watched the video that was shown at the Incourage Conference....    do you know Gitzengirl's story?   Sara was homebound... for three years but she made Community with so many.  She always encouraged.....   she suffered with pain and chronic illness...   but she took the time to connect with others through the internet.

Choose JOY was her life motto.

This transformation in my own life ... has been on going....   the thankfulness, grace & joy....

Sarah (Gitzengirl) wanted to encourage and reach out....

I see that so very much in Maureen too!

When we live a life of service....  encouraging others ... it fills us up. It brings us to a place of PEACE... a place of thankfulness....  a place of JOY...

Maureen in all that she has lived... CHOOSES JOY...

Sarah in all that she lived.... CHOSE JOY~


Under this pic... on her blog.....       PEACE~

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Grace~ Teena

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  1. Started counting joys just this year...still trying to learn to "choose" joy. Wonderful post! How encouraging to know someone who suffers still chooses & lives joy! What an example for us all!