Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What it Looks Like at Our House~

Along with our Cradle to the Cross Wreath we also do an Advent devotional... or two.  I love this time of year and we take the whole month of December to concentrate on the coming of Jesus. Through the years I have collected several Advent studies/devotionals.

I love this time of year. I have tried a lot of different devotionals through the years but I believe these are my favorite. We also read the Jotham series. We do things all during the day/night for Advent.  I love focusing this time of year on the coming of Jesus... spending MORE time together. Seems like things continue to pick up speed this time of year.... I just want to slow down. It really takes an effect on my part to make this happen. Planning things out and ....  staying home more is what I really want to accomplish.

We are talking together about ways to reach out ....  and the kids really amaze me at how much they want to do this. We will also be shopping in the Compassion Catalog for Christmas too! We want to give more... spend less....

 Again, I will be sharing with you all this month.....  what our Advent looks like.

How are you celebrating Advent?

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Grace~ Teena


  1. We are loving our cross to cradle wreath. The girls and I are doing Truth in the Tinsel each morning, I'm doing Ann's Jesse Tree devotional on my own, and we eat dinner around our cross to cradle wreath.

  2. Right now, we are trying to keep up with reading Ann's Jesse Tree devotional. We will start our nativity set placement on Friday. On my own, I am studying Luke 2:8-15.

  3. O my! My kids are so little & into "getting" to much still! We do swap less traditional school days for more time to do Christmas activites & reading alot of kid Christmas books. We do try to donate & take them Christmas shopping for Seven Baskets to donate presents or another similar project.