Monday, December 10, 2012

The Simple Things....Make a Life Full.

A new tradition we started this year .... is Advent Counting Surprises! I found the idea over at Cindy's blog. We are having a blast with it.....     each day they open an envelop and see what  the surprise is for that day. Normally, these are not gifts... or anything real expensive. We started late....  but they are very anxious to open their envelop every day.

Our first day..... Day # 6.    Watch Jacob's Gift with special treats from the bakery.

To be honest... it helps me! It helps me to not get too busy or tired to take some *fun* time with them. You know I feed them, teach them, discipline them.....  

Second day.....  Day # 7.  Home made milk shakes and movie.

Like I said ... I love this time of year. Lots of Advent reading and activities. They love it....

A special treat.....   Dakota is finished with college til January 2013. We have less then a year before he moves to the University about 2 hrs away. My third child to leave home. When he came home from work this past week on his first official day off of college ... he read some of The Hobbit to the boys and Lysa.

Enjoying time with my children, the Christmas lights, reading, laughing and playing together!These are the real gifts.....

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  1. I like to keep things simple during Christmas as much as possible also! Fun idea about the envelopes!

  2. That is a neat idea & such great family time! I have GOT to make more time for fun & less time for the everyday mundane tasks...