Thursday, November 29, 2012

Special Times & Special Gifts~

Our Black Friday is somewhat different then others.... We do not plan to beat the crowd, or wait for hours for a certain object.  Our favorite place to go is Lifeway christian book store. We love their specials! Last year Lysa and I decided to stay up all night and go to Lifeway and be there when they opened at 7.  It was such a great experience last year as people were so nice, no pushing or fighting....  talking to others as we waited (a few mins) in line. We even met a young mom who shared how she loved Ann Voskamp/Holy Experience and just came back from Guyana.

This year we decided to do it again!

It takes us about 2 hrs to travel to Lifeway....  from where we live.

We stop in the town about 1.5 hrs from here and look around ... this helps us to stay awake!  This year it was Target. It wasn't busy at all .... at 2am. We found a few things for Christmas presents. Around 5am we stopped by Starbucks for Lysa to grab a double chocolately chip frappe~ we do not like coffee.  Then we stopped by Toys r Us for a few minutes ....  looking at Legos for our Lego man.. Wyatt.

On to Lifeway......
We took a cat nap in the van for a few. As we waited at the door for a few minutes before they opened... the store manager came out and welcomed us... told us where all the specials would be... and then PRAYED with all of us! It was amazing. I just love how God surprises us!

Of course, we bought some Jesus Story book bibles... for $5. I try to keep some of these on hand to give away when God lays someone on our heart. I didn't buy this many .. this year...

We also bought Jesus Calling for $5.
My boys love this....   they read each day....   they were so excited when Amber & Mike sent it to them in the mail!  I want to give one to a few of our Awana kids. Last year we gave them all a JSBB. One of the boys have such a sweet spirit. He reminds me of Erik. He only comes on Wednesday nights so I really try to speak into his life. He has such a tender heart... he is a kind boy like our Erik. I hope to share more about him soon.

After Lifeway....  we just wasted time...  around noon we planned to meet Nancy, our adopted grandma for lunch. We were so tired so we walked around the mall but we acted like zombies! We sat at a table and both of us about fell asleep! We laugh about our crazy times! We love spending time together!

***Oh.....  and while we were in Lifeway....  we saw the same young mom from last year! YES, we did! Isn't that amazing?  She told us about a ministry she is starting to help Ugandan moms...  She shared how she just came back from Uganda! I have thought of her a lot this past year.... and we loved visiting with her!

Thanks for letting me share.....

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena

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  1. Wow that is awesome that you saw the same lady. God is good. If you find out more, please share more about the ministry she is starting.