Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Really Puts Things in Perspective~

I told you this week I would be sharing with you about the Compassion Bloggers being in Peru.

Wow.... the blog posts have started.....  

Take a few minutes and read Angie Smith's blog post....

Love Moves~

Also, read Shaun Groves' post .....

For Thanks to God~

It doesn't matter if you do not sponsor a child from Compassion. Reading these posts will touch you deep...   it will show you just how much WE have to be thankful for... how WE can pray for those in Peru....  or any third world country.  It will open your eyes to the poor. Gather your children around and read as the bloggers share this week.

I will try to share different blog posts of the Compassion Bloggers....    but you can click the link and read ALL the posts!

My heart is overwhelmed at how others live and are still so thankful. So often I am not thankful and God has blessed us with so much.

I often see that those in third world countries may be poor materially but they are rich spiritually!

Open your life/heart to a child today! 
Grace~ Teena

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  1. I know! Tonight I was thinking of how I wish I had a double oven in my kitchen, but reading those blog posts and seeing all the pictures...I am so thankful for all that I do have! And so thankful that we sponsor kids through Compassion!