Monday, November 12, 2012

Come Along with Them....

I will be follow the Compassion Bloggers to Peru! I love when the Compassion Bloggers travel to the different countries and share/blog about what they see....  about meeting their sponsored child... and about how God speaks to their heart.
I will be sharing some of their words, pics and maybe even videos. Being able to follow the bloggers has allowed Compassion International and child sponsorship so much more real to me... to us. Seeing all that they see....  and reading their testimonies...   is life changing.

Please follow along with me....   it is amazing!

Also, Antonio has not been sponsored yet. He is still waiting.... 255 days....    Please click on his name in the post and read all about him. Please continue to pray that Antonio finds a sponsor!

Thanks for stopping by....      so much to be thankful for...

Sponsor a child today~
Grace~ Teena

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