Monday, October 01, 2012

About the Tenth Ave North Concert~

That Sunday night we worked the Compassion table at the Tenth Ave North concert was amazing! If you haven't ever worked an event... you should. They are wonderful. You meet other volunteers who love Compassion and you see children being sponsored! Sometimes you are even able to share what Compassion means to you!

Anyway....  Lysa and two three of her friends who sponsor went to this concert. We were all "giggly" excited. We love Tenth Ave North ~ and COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL!

My goal this year was to work three events....  

This one was my favorite so far! The lead singer of Tenth Ave North was the one to give the shout out! They showed a video of their trip to meet their sponsored children. They spoke from their heart... the love they have for these children was evident.

Around 30 children were sponsored! Isn't that awesome? 

Towards the end of the night.....   while the concert was still going...  a beautiful young mom walked up with her cute young son. He had a packet in his hand and I really thought they were just bringing it back from the packet pass. The mom said "Russ, pick one that you want...."   He looked around. He was so cute... and young... did I say young? I bent down and showed him some pictures of the children from South America. Told him a little about my Erik. He kept looking.... then he finally found (with the help of his mom) a little boy  his age from Kenya named Victor. Russ was jumping around some... and we smiled, one of the volunteers commented on drama...  and Russ mom said ... we have had our share of drama.... brain tumor drama. Immediately, it was silent. We helped her fill out her form. I asked if I could give him a hug and she said yes. I gave Russ a big hug and said "Russ, I am so happy you picked Victor, his life is forever changed and your life will be forever changed!"  He then looked up and said "How will my life be changed?"  I said "Russ, he will write you letters, tell you how much he loves you and how happy he is that YOU picked him!"  He smiled!  His mom rubbed Russ' head and said "God has blessed us and we want to bless someone too!"


I have thought about Russ all week. Will you pray for Russ & Victor... two 5 yr old little boys. One on one side of the world... one on the other.....   praying God reaches down and rescues both of them.

Grace~ Teena


  1. I love when young kids come up and pick a child to sponsor, just warms my heart! And I love working events! Can't wait to hear Tenth Avenue North share at the end of this month!

  2. I worked the Compassion table at the Global Leadership Summit. One of the women went home after the end of the first day and come back with her 4 year old son. They looked through the packets and found three boys that were born the same month/year as him. The little boy got to pick out his new friend.

    The next day, the woman came back to the table and said that night, her son came out of his room with a box of toys that he wanted to send to his new friend in Asia. The mom didn't have the heart to tell her son that those things couldn't be sent.

    Kids are precious.

  3. Such a sweet, touching story! :) Thanks for sharing!