Friday, August 24, 2012

Live Loud!

So I was reading over at Ann's blog....   and she listed these easy things to do before the summer ends... I am thrilled to say I (we) could check off.....  8! I told you it has been an amazing summer! I wanted to share here... because life goes so fast... and we are busy doing and going... we need to take the time to slow and enjoy.  So, I have 6 more to do... well, really 5 because the kids and husband do not like fruit pie....

How about you?  Or maybe you have some other things that you did ... that you can share. It took us longer then two weeks....

The Easy Before-Summer-Ends Plan~ Ann Voskamp
(14 Things to do in the last 2 weeks)

1. Make a fruit pie
2. Eat under stars
3. walk through one woods *
4. dip both feet in water *
5. Sing hymns around flame
6. Like drippy ice cream *
7. Find a swing and swing high *
8. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers: sit in sill or give away
9. Play one game of anything on the grass (volleyball, frisbee...)
10. Eat something fresh (from the garden, market or Mom's) *
11. Lay down on grass and watch clouds for five minutes *
12. Go to a park and play til something in you feels lighter *
13. Open a window. Listen to the world. Slow. Still. Pray before that window
14. Sit with someone you love and watch the sunset.. say it out loud : Thank you. *

The * = ... done it....    I am going to spend the next two weeks doing the other 5 and maybe repeat some of the others!

Ann posted a pic this past week....   feet splashing in water and it said ....


Grace~ Teena

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  1. Fun times so easily can be under our noses & overlooked! Ann is an awesome writer!!! She truely has a talent for the written word! I love her blog too!