Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update #2 on Erik~

This past week we received our 2nd letter from ERIK! He was thanking us for our Christmas gift. Thing is... we were not sponsoring him then.  Remember Compassion gives a /Christmas gift to all of the children in the Compassion program ... sponsored or not sponsored.

Erik's favorite color is blue (like our Wyatt's). His favorite food.... dried Llama meat (not Wyatt's favorite)..... his best friend is Yerico, he loves soccer (what Wyatt loved this week at Winshape camp)!

Kees sent this picture this week.....

Kees is Dutch so he made him hold the wooden shoes!  Isn't he so cute. I am so thankful Kees is there with him.

I love how my boys... especially Wyatt gets so excited when we receive a letter or a new picture from Kees.  I love how God cares about the little things....  Wyatt loves Legos, so does Erik, Wyatt's favorite color is blue so is Erik's! Just this week....  Wyatt who is not really into sports was assigned to soccer at Winshape camp. After a week playing....  he said "I really love soccer!"  Erik's letter comes in the mail and he loves to play soccer!

God cares....  even for the little things....   Oh how He loves us!

****UPDATE on Giveaway!  WINNERS are:

JILL for the book! Send me your address!

AnnMarie you won the Compassion Family Pack! Send me your address.

Oh and I heard from Kees again.... wait til you read my next post!

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  1. Missed the giveaway! :( Great to hear an update! So glad your children enjoy learning & helping others. God is so good! Love & miss y'all this summer! Love, Laurie

  2. What a cliffhanger! I can't wait for the next post.

  3. I look forward to reading the book! I've emailed you my info.

    I love these stories about Erik - how special it must be for all of you to hear from Kees.