Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Question for Sponsors...

For those of you who correspond with several children how often have you had to take on the  financial responsibility?

We have two that we correspond with but we are thinking of asking for more. I keep thinking about these children who do not receive letters and how we can write and give them hope.
 The two we correspond with Bethem from Ethiopia (above) and Regita from Indonesia (below).

Please share... would love to hear from you!

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. I have taken on at least two of my correspondence kids financially and officially become their sponsors. I was asked another time (that i can remember) but couldn't take on that commitment at the time.

    It's definitely something to consider. Two of my friends have been asked to take over the financial responsibilities of their correspondence kids.

  2. My daughter just recently lost one of her correspondent kids. We never received a phone call or letter about this. We just happened to check her account one day and noticed that one of the kids were gone. We called and we were informed that the financial sponsor was no longer sponsoring the child. We have only been correspondent sponsors since the fall.

  3. Out of the 9 kids I have corresponded with over the last 2 years, I have only lost 2. The first one was because the financial sponsor dropped him, and I ended taking over the sponsorship. The second one was because the financial sponsor had decided to start writing letters again!

  4. Thank you all for your input. Makes me a bit more heavy. I guess I am selfish, I get so attached!

    thanks and would love to hear from more of you!


  5. I've been corresponding with three kiddos for awhile, one since October, two since December. I haven't been asked to take over sponsorship yet for any of them.

    In my opinion, it is important for me to correspond with as many children as possible. If any of the financial sponsors quit supporting their kids, I just pray that God will make it possible for me to take over. If I'm not able to, I just pray that God leads them to another great sponsor that will write to them. I'm just going on trust when it comes to correspondence kids.

  6. Thank you for all your input. Yes, as Compassion continues to become part of our life.... I see that by corresponding with them... they are not waiting for someone to write! My daughter Lysa just called to correspond with her 2nd child... and within 24 hrs she was on her account!


  7. If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a child in Uganda, we provide monthly photos of kids with gifts and or when they get mail from sponsors. It's only $15 a month to sponsor a child and so many still need help! They also write to their sponsor atleast 3 times a year. The $15 include 2 meals a day at school and a child's school fees paid in full. Check us out here.