Monday, June 25, 2012

Help with my Blog...

Been having some trouble with my blog. The text is coming out highlighted in the white. I have tried and tried to fix it but can not.....

like the post below.... under the pic of the dog & kitten. I just do not understand it. I had a post ready to go and it was all like that.  I thought it might be the instagram pics but it wasn't.

any help?

Grace~ Teena


  1. Hi Teena... when you're in the post editor, go to HTML mode. You'll see all the HTML codes.

    Look for that text {the ones currently highlighted in white} and in the coding beside it, there should be something that says "background color: white".

    If you take out/delete that whole code, it should revert back to your blog's default background colour.

  2. Ok thanks! Will try it!

  3. Sometimes my blog does crazy things too & the next day work perfectly...wish I could help! Love ya, Laurie