Saturday, May 12, 2012

To Be Called Mother~

My mother died in May 2008.  My sister spent Mother's Day with her that year. Mom was in rehab. She had broken her hip in April and went down hill from there....  

My sister is a widow... never any children.  Moved in with my parents in 2000 after her husband died.  She was there ... when my mom took her last breath. My mom was 85.  I was born on my mom's 39th birthday.

As I think back to my grandmother.....   my Dad's mom...   she was such a wonderful person in my life. She lived in the town we live in. She raised my dad and 6 other children on her own when my grandfather died in 1937.  She loved Jesus .....  we loved her bunches! She's been with Jesus since Lysa was a year old....   Sept. 1998.
As I think ahead.... to my gift of being a mother....  I am so blessed. I was reading over at Ann Voskamp's blog.  She made me think...

Every child is like nestled dolls, all these generations nestled within — and mothering is a holy  trust of whole entire eras. 
Every day,  every mother, she mothers thousands – all the children yet still to come. ~ Ann Voskamp
Wow that says enough. I am so grateful to be called MOM. I want to glorify Him in all I do...   One of my favorite verses....   
Ps. 113:9   He makes the barren woman the JOYFUL mother of children! 
Happy Mother's Day to all of you! May you never forget the gift of motherhood! 

Change a life forever! 


  1. Happy Mother's Day Teena.
    You have such lovely women in your family. This is a lovely tribute to them.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!!! Love ya! Laurie