Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recap of Easter~

We had a wonderful Easter. It was different....

Mike & Amber were not here. Several times during the day I thought about them.  Plus, the church we have been visiting for the past several months was were we chose to worship.

It was an amazing service. Just full of His glory.  We sang "God is Able," and we also sang "Overcome."

I cooked a big meal and Mandi came over. We spent some time outside and Wyatt & Wesley hunted eggs.  We went for a walk in the woods and it was fun.

After dark I surprised the kids with some Sky Lanterns! It was so cool. At first we were afraid that they would come down and cause a fire... but they go out and then come down. Everyone of us loved it. Lysa kept saying ... "this is great, I love this.... I have the greatest family!"

He is the Light of the World....

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