Tuesday, March 06, 2012


This past weekend we went to visit my sister and MIKE & AMBER! We miss them so much. We haven't seen them since Christmas!
We planned to take Wyatt to Lego Land....  for his birthday present. He has been asking for several YEARS! My sister told him we would take him.  We were able to buy one get one tickets.

On Friday we went to the beach for the day...  it was hot in Florida... 87 degrees!
It was a great weekend. We enjoyed worship at Grace Conway where Mike is the worship leader and our great friend Rick is the pastor. I am so thankful ... my heart is so full seeing all that God has done.

Alyssa, Hannah Kate, Wesley & Wyatt (Hannah Kate is Rick & Christie's little girl). 

We always have a great time. Memories made...... so thankful we were able to visit.

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  1. Legoland! We have made a couple of trips to the California park, quite a few years ago now. It certainly is a fun place!

  2. It all looks just wonderful Teena. I'm so glad you had this time together.

  3. LEGOLand! We are planning a trip to Chicago just for it this summer. Your little guy must've been so excited!

  4. Sounds so fun! Family trips are a wonderful time! I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to see Mike & Amber, too! Love ya! Laurie