Saturday, February 25, 2012

You are the Light of the World....

 We are memorizing the Sermon on the Mount.  This past weeks verses were ...
"you are the light of the world, a city set on a hill can not be hidden."
Our LOVE candles as we are almost to the end of Febuary.... Wyatt just watching.  I think of his words in his journal "I pray every day for the boy we will sponsor."

YOU are the LIGHT of the WORLD...... 

Sponsor a child today!

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    AFRICAN CHILD By Chris Mukasa

    When I think of the African child
    Painful tears roll down my face
    And terror screams with no one to cool it down…

    They look like strangers journeying in strange lands
    Where friendly faces are scarce
    And horror stalks like a deadly lion
    Ready to devour an African child…

    Bang! Bang! Bang!!!
    Yea, that’s a gun spitting fire
    An innocent teenager’s finger on the trigger
    Ooh African child…

    She was young a d tender
    Her future was bright
    Shining like a star in the midst of darkness
    Then her father married her off to a stranger
    Her future and dreams lost forever
    Ooh African child…

    Then comes the stinging famine
    No breakfast, lunch supper
    School a must on empty stomachs
    No they will collapse on the way…

    Fate stalks daily
    Hunger poverty sickness…
    The chain is endless
    Cutting edge of their survival
    Their cries echo in empty tunnels
    Where habitation died long ago
    Ooh African child…

    Then comes the loving sponsors
    Friends to the African child
    They have sown in plenty to pull us out
    Yes! We have a reason to smile…

    Like a shower in the desert
    And cool water to a thirsty throat
    The loving sponsors have armed us
    To face the future courageously

    We are now booming with life
    We no longer cry ooh African child
    We now shout thank God for the African child…

    March on African child and join me to sing
    Thumbs up to our loving sponsors
    Thumbs up to our caring local church
    Thumbs up friends to the African child
    Thumbs up compassion international!