Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Go with me... All becomes REAL!

Take a few minutes.... and watch this video. First go to the bottom and silence the music..

You will be amazed... as I was. THIS IS ERIK'S PROJECT.  Kees (a Compassion Advocate) took this when he was in Bolivia. He loves Bolivia and goes over there lots. He is planning a trip there in May. He will see OUR Erik!

Please share... what you think.  Lysa and I have watched this video several times since we first saw it last week!

God is faithful. He continues to show me just how HE LOVES....

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  1. Wow, so cool! The project building is definitely better in quality than those in the Philippines that we saw. Nice to see.

    The language is very similar to Filipino. "Kumusta" is "how are you?" in Filipino too!

  2. This is great to see! I always love seeing visits to projects. Their project/school looks wonderful and in great condition.

    I was trying to look, but I didn't see Erik. When did he make his appearance?

  3. Enjoyed the video! Neat to see into the lives of the projects that are in need of sponsors! Love ya, Laurie

  4. What a blessing for you to get this glimpse into Erik's project.