Saturday, January 21, 2012

So many do not understand....

 Last June I became a Compassion Advocate and I thought that God would open doors for me to speak at MY church and other churches... for sponsorship. I thought that God would open doors for me to volunteer for events .. to work the table for sponsorship.

But that hasn't happened.

Little by little... God would bring young girls to me.. asking questions... wanting to sponsor. You know He never does it the way we plan. These girls just love Compassion. They love the children. They think so differently ....

They encourage my heart.  So many do not understand...  but these girls think differently then the normal girls their age.  They love differently....  they are changing the world... one child at a time. God is working miracles in their life.  A couple of them want to sponsor more and want to do more. Want to know a secret? None of these girls have an income.

They do understand.... 

Change a life forever~ sponsor a child!


  1. I've always been one of those "different thinkers". I'm glad to know there are so many other girls like me out there.

  2. Teena... you're shepherding a new generation of advocates! That. Is. Amazing!

  3. I think that the Lord gives us a vision and then He turns it all around to make the most of it. We can be disappointed or be a vessel. And I know that you want to be a vessel!! :-) I know that you are making such a difference!! Praying that the Lord will continue to bless your efforts!! Love ya!! <3

  4. I'm the mom of one of these girls and I am learning from her!! God is doing a mighty thing thru these girls and you are making it possible. Thank you for being obedient and letting God use you to change the child at a time!!!

  5. This is truly amazing!

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    So amazing how God is working in the hearts of these girls! And such a unique opportunity that He has presented you with :)

  7. Wow! Teena, I love this so much. It is always such an encouragement to see where God is calling advocates, since my own advocacy has been slow to get going. I agree that not many people seem to understand, but you are impacting the kingdom in exponential ways! Thanks.