Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Event~

When I set my 2012 goals for this year... one goal was to work three Compassion events in 2012. I was notified that a concert was in a nearby town. I was really excited and nervous too. Alyssa went with me. I didn't think they would allow her to work the table because she is only 14.

When we arrived the line was wrapped around the building....  and people were still coming! Over 1000 people. It was a gospel sing.  Not the music we listen to but that doesn't matter. The Compassion man who was there was excited to see us. He was great. He told us what to do. Alyssa didn't help behind the table but he did let us both do a packet pass. It was exciting and sobering at the time as so are not interested.

Seven children were sponsored! It was a great experience. We were both able to share and Alyssa brought pics of her sponsored children so she showed those to several who came up to look. 

I am excited that God allowed me the gift of being a part of this event. Todd (Compassion guy) was very helpful and encouraging!

It was a small number of children sponsored but to those seven children it was the world!

Make a difference forever~ sponsor a child today!


  1. I'm glad that you had this opportunity!! I'm sure those 7 children are so happy!! What a blessing!! I admire your passion!!

    Have a blessed weekend!! Love ya!!

  2. Working for Compassion and Alyssa having the heart to help is so sweet and giving of the both of you! What price can you put on changing a life and bringing hope to the impoverished? Love ya! Laurie

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I can't tell you how excited I was to see this post! I am working my very first ever Compassion event in March and I'm so excited :) Praying for the 7 new sponsors!

  4. That's so cool! I've signed up for several concerts and events. I'm booked at least 4 weekends from now until April! It's so fun to connect with other sponsors and advocates for Compassion! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Will be going to one on Sunday in fact! Please pray for God to touch potential sponsors now.

  5. Yay! You worked your first event! I love working events and get so excited to share about Compassion at these events. Now you will be hooked and be looking for opportunites to work more events!

  6. So exciting! We don't get a lot of requests to help out at events here... so we volunteer to go at every chance we can.