Monday, December 05, 2011

Wanting more... but really less this Christmas...

My heart feels so different this year.... 

I want our life to center around Jesus.... I want Him to be our CENTER... our all.

I am reading Advent Conspiracy...  a friend loaned it to me.
~Spend less, give more, worship fully~

Another friend shared with me today... that at their church this morning the pastor invited everyone to give the shoes off their feet to those in need...  they over filled a box! Then they took rice bowls to fill with change to give to orphans! Fill a bowl... feed an orphan for a month! He also asked them to take a card from the Advent Conspiracy Tree (an idea to do with your family).

I want so to break out of this so called "christian life" and I want to live Radical. Not many understand. Tired of going through the motions... year after year.... 

Are we even interested in being the hands and feet of Jesus? 

Be the gift for a child in need... sponsor a child today!


  1. Yes, this... well said! I am with you, sister. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Yes, especially at Christmas. There is so much I feel I've been missing through the years, and want to change. Sometimes I struggle with what that less, but more should look at, and have really enjoyed reading others blogs on how they are going about the changes. Thanks!

  3. Very cool Teena - I'm right there with you!

  4. How true! Be the change, it starts with us! How very rich words to reflect on this advent season!


  5. I love your servant heart Teena.