Friday, December 02, 2011

Encouragement comes in all Different Ways

Yes, sharing about our black friday again....

When we were in Lifeway...   looking at all the specials and getting the Jesus Story Book bible..  the line to check out began to wrap aroung the store. We were looking at the Veggie Tales, bibles, cds... and then we went to check out. Oh my.... what a long line!
Everyone was very nice. Several of us talked and shared about our specials. A grandmother was standing in front of me with two young girls that looked like twins. In just a few minutes the mom came up. She had the book "Hole in the Gospel" in her hand. I asked her where she found it and how much it was.  She went and brought me one. It was only $6. We began to talk. It was a great encouragement to me! I love when God just gives us the little things that mean so much. We both shared about reading the book Radical.  I asked her if she had read Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts?" She said, "yes and she follows her blog."   I told her I did too. She shared how she had been over seas.... in a third world country.  I shared about Compassion....  she said they sponsor from Compassion! It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I know the people standing around must of thought we knew each other for a long time!

God is so good. He gives us the desires of our hearts... the little things that mean so much. I know I have shared this before but in our "area" most haven't heard about Compassion and do not care much about it. Lots are living the American Dream...   and do not think about things on the other side of the world... or even the homeless man on the corner.  I try not to judge because several years ago I didn't think about those things either.

It was so refreshing to visit with Michelle. Yes, that was her name. She took my name down and said she would look me up on facebook. I am waiting.

I am so thankful for so many of you in the blogsphere that encourage me...   may I be an encouragement to you too!

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  1. I love making those kind of connections. I can't remember exactly how my sister and I found out, but on of the ladies that lives at the retirment home where she works has sponsored through Compassion for years! She lost one girl, and had one from Ecuador she has been sponsoring for a few years. We always like to share letters, and we've shared some of the packets we've had as advocates, and she has since picked up two more sponsorships. She said she really felt she wanted to give more somewhere, but wasn't sure where until she saw those faces!

  2. That is too neat!!!

  3. It is amazing how quickly our hearts connect when we have Jesus in common! It sounds like such an uplifting experience Teena.
    You are most definitely an encouragement. Your compassionate heart is such a blessing.