Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Winner is.....

            Drum roll please..................

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate knowing someone is reading. Hez, please send me your address and I will send you your free book! My new email is teenabrowneyedgirl4@gmail.com

Don't forget to follow the Compassion Bloggers. They are now in Quito... in Ecuador! Pray for them!

I haven't forgotten ... I will share with you what God has led Alyssa and I to do... as we follow the bloggers!

Grace~ Teena


  1. Yay for Hez!


  2. I keep waiting or her to stop by! :) I also let her know on her blog!

  3. Thanks Teena! I did email you this morning, though I did try earlier in the week :) if for some reason you don't get it today, you can try emailing me first: kute_queen@hotmail.com