Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seeing the Bigger Picture~

Our black Friday didn't have any fighting for a sale item..... or running fast to get to a sale item. I know that is how lots of people "do" black friday but for us....  that is not the norm. We wanted to buy several Jesus Story Book Bibles ... like I shared in my last post.

We had a great time.

At our last stop we went by Petsmart. We always like to go by there.... you see for about 2 years my children have wanted a Bearded Dragon. I am the animal person...  and I think they are cute! On this day... they were half price. Alyssa and I kept looking at them. Alyssa kept saying "Mom, it can be an early Christmas present for the boys and me."   Well, we would have to buy the starter kit... and food, and a rock.... and dishes for food and water...  

I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money.... 

We left... and as we were driving out of the busy, dark parking lot.... there was a man... standing on the corner... with a sign... that read...


He didn't make eye contact......

as we drove away...   Alyssa said "we should do something...give him something."

I turned around...   told her to get a few dollars out of my purse. She asked about the extra food we had from our previous meal.  All of  this took maybe 3-4 minutes...  

I drove up to the place where the man was standing just a few minutes earlier...

He was gone.

I said "where is he?"   

We looked all around, we drove around several times... looking for him.   

We didn't see him anywhere.

As we drove away....  

We just looked at one another. A little stunned. She said, "we missed our chance."  We were quiet... both thinking....

After about 30 minutes...  she said "you know that money we would of spent on a bearded dragon... we could save more then 10 lives by buying a net to fight malaria." I shook my head ... "yes." 

I wonder where that man is....   wonder if he is cold tonight as the temps drop down to 38 and it is wet and soggy.  

I wonder if it was "Jesus" reminding us of what's really important.

Sponsor a child... change a life forever~


  1. Teena... this blog post reminded me of a very similar thing that happened to us! I still remember it just like it was yesterday.

    We were running late for a church BBQ and I was in-charged of bringing all the food. We then saw a women begging (at the Costco parking lot) and my kids said, "We need to help her!" Because we've seen her a few times at that spot (and have helped her before once) and we were late for the BBQ, I told the kids that we would come back later.

    We went back after... and again and again a few other times, we *NEVER* saw her again!

    We've come to the same conclusion... it was Jesus teaching us about what's really important. Like what's written in Isaiah 58... we are so occupied with our "church activities" yet we've neglected the true fast.

    Blessings to you, my friend... keep doing what you're doing! I read this quote today by Ann Voskamp: "I am blessed. I can bless. So this is happiness."

  2. Yep - happened to me a couple months ago. We have homeless people on every corner here. One man and his sign really caught my eye and I felt God telling me to do something. So I went and got him some food. When I went back - he was GONE. I've never seen him again.

    I kept wondering why, because it was the first time I really was going to do something. I had to conclude that it was a lesson - a test of sorts.

    So interesting that you and Aimee had similar experiences.

  3. Happened to me before too. I saw a woman that caught my eye at the edge of the walmart parking lot. I went in, and came out and she was still there. I drove home and got almost home when I realized I forgot the eggs. I had to go back, and again that same women is still there and I still felt God telling me to do something. So I made sure to get a few dollars and when I came out, and went over and parked near her so I could get out and talk with her a bit. And after I handed her a few dollars, I asked if I could pray for her. And this was a big step of faith for me. I didn't mean pray for her, like go home and doing it later. She said yes, and I got the opportunity to pray with her right there during her time of need. Funny how God let me forget the eggs to give me another opportunity :)