Friday, September 09, 2011

Yesterday was 3 yrs and 6 months!

 Apr. 2011
Three and a half years ago yesterday... we sponsored this little boy! His name is Ucok. He is from Indonesia. He has changed our life.... and we have forever changed his!
Oct. 2009
Little did I know when I picked up his packet off the Compassion table...  that day in March of 2008 how he would be the start of a whole new way of life for us. Oh at first it was just a few letters a year and we sent him a few letters a year....  but as time went on ...  God kept drawing me to Compassion International. He allowed us to meet a group of children from around the word.... children from impoverished places... some from orphanages. God showed us how these children who do not have much are so much more grateful then...  me.... then most of us.

Through the years .... we have received lots of letters. We love receiving letters and sending letters to Ucok. We love him so much and some day I hope to be able to go to Indonesia and meet him!
Our Compassion family has expanded. I am now an Advocate. We have added a correspondent child, Betlhem who is from Ethiopia. My oldest son and his wife sponsor a child, Emmanuel, my oldest daughter Mandi sponsors Neema from Tanzania. Just recently my youngest daughter Alyssa sponsored Jazzy Rain from the Philippines.. and just last week she received a correspondent child, Regita from Indonesia... just like our Ucok.  

The other day a friend emailed me and said
"I am seeing that Compassion is not just something you do... it is becoming who you are."

Grace~ Teena

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