Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday~

About a year ago.... I first read about Gitzengirl....  she has encouraged me and so many of us. When I think of her I think of ....


She has brought so much JOY to so many. She is the picture of JOY. She chooses JOY daily... in the midst of very hard circumstances. She will soon... see JESUS.

JOY~ you know we all learned it when we were young....  JESUS, OTHERS, YOURSELF... that's what Sara/Gitzengirl lives... Jesus, others, yourself.

Thank you, Sara... Gitzengirl for showing all of us TRUE JOY. We love you.

Grace~ Teena
Make a difference... one child at a time!

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  1. A fellow 5 Minuter stopping by. I had never heard of Sara before yesterday and, I have to say, reading through a number of her blog posts lat evening, I was brought to tears. It is truly inspirational to read/hear of someone who has such a joyous spirit in the midst of a terrible circumstance.