Friday, August 19, 2011

To think like Claire!

It touches my heart when I hear about other people falling in love with Compassion International... I want to share with you about Alyssa's friend Claire.

Claire is 12. Last spring Claire sponsored her first child through Compassion International. Channu a little girl from India. Claire sells her chicken eggs to help pay for the sponsorship of Channu. That's pretty cool in and of itself.

Last night I received this message from Claire....

Hey Mrs. Teena, I asked Mama yesterday if she would sponsor another child (because i can't.. if i could i would!!) anyways.. she said its different here ( bills.. etc. ) (but why is it that we have enough to afford to go out to eat 3 or 4 times a week??) and that those people don't have to worry about that stuff (except the fact that they HAVE NOTHING TO EAT)... and she said no. A few hours later, i asked mama if i could think of something that would save enough money by doing or not doing certin things, during the month. She said if i could than she would sponsor another child... so if you think of anything, please tell me. (: thanks

First let me say that Claire's family sponsors two children already....  and Alyssa begs me all the time to sponsor more.  So I do understand Claire's mom.  I also understand Claire. We have so much in America and are so blessed. I often tell myself we could ... get rid of this or that... and then we can sponsor MORE. 

The love Claire has for these children touches my heart deep. I have shared that we live in a rural area and not many here even know what Compassion International is. Alyssa and I are always sharing and talking ... but to see the love that Claire has for this organization... makes me realize that God is bigger than I can ever imagine.

Claire & Channu

I shared with her some of the blogs I read to help encourage me... on this Compassion Journey. I told her about Jill from Compassion Family and about Michelle from Blogging from the Boonies. She isn't 14 yet so she can not join Our Compassion. She has already been reading over at Jill's place. I guess you can tell how excited she is...

thats not the end of the story though...

I asked her if she knew about Compassion correspondence program. She told me she signed up for that but wasn't sure what else she was suppose to do.  Within an hour I received another message from her... telling me she had checked her account and there was a correspondent child added...

here is that message

OMGoodness!!! Mrs Teena God is GREAT!!! I just checked on "My Sponsorships" and I have had a correspondence child since 2 whole days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And She is 11 years old!!! From El Salvador!!! Her name is Alicia!!!! Please tell Alyssa!!!

Can you feel the love? I can not stress to you enough how sponsoring a child doesn't just change the life of the child... it will change the life of YOUR child.. it will change YOUR life.

If you want to change the life of a child (and yours) forever just click the link below my name.

Thank you, Claire for letting me share your story. I am so proud of you. We love you.

Grace~ Teena
Change a life.. one child at a time.


  1. Aw, this made me tear right up! God bless your loving heart, Claire!

  2. Oh how He loves... and is it any wonder that He loves children so?! His heart must be beaming at the thought of Claire's heart for Him and His children.

    What a great example and a tremendous leader for today's youth, and tomorrow's future.

    Bravo... well done, good and faithful servant!

  3. This is so awesome! I will absolutely send her two correspondence kits. Can you email me her address? I'd love to encourage her in this way.

  4. Teena, this is SO beautiful...thank you for sharing! It's such an encouragement...Claire has such a loving heart!

  5. We sponsor in El Salvador. Which project is Alicia in? I can't wait for Claire to turn 14 so she can come play at OC!

  6. Thanks for sharing Claire's story! What an awesome young lady!!!

  7. What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing. Claire, thank you so much for your heart for children in poverty. God will bless you for what you do for His children!