Friday, August 05, 2011

A week of sickness...

Its been a hard week. You know when our kids are sick...  our job as mom and nurse can get really stressful at times.

Long story...   Wesley has RAD (reactive airway disease) so for years I have been using these ' Lil Critters Immune C plus Zinc & Echinacea' as soon as I hear a cough or seeing a cold coming on I can start these and it will really help. If  I  feel a scratchy throat I will take some of these and it really helps. We have tried others when these were out of stock and nothing compares. We have been out of them for over a month and I with summer I just didn't think about it....  

So Wesley started coughing....  and ran some fever. By Saturday (30th) he was laboring to breath. We ended up in the ER. Not a good experience. Breathing treatments and antiboidic... and lots of motrin. Wyatt started too but he doesn't struggle like Wesley does...  on Monday we ended up at our trustworthy christian doctor.  He said croup.  Things seem to be improving but on Tuesday night Wyatt started complaining about his ears hurting...

So yesterday we made another trip to our doctor. Just Wyatt and me. They love alone time with mom... even when they are sick! The pain on Wednesday night was horrible for him. I felt so bad. It started with one ear and then it was both.  Dr. Reese said he has infection in both ears (inner ear) and they are bulging and one has some blood. He changed his antiboidic and talked about referring him to an ENT if it wasn't better in 10 days. Talked about it may rupture...  

I would like to tell you he is better but ... he isn't. He is still hurting. I have to keep motrin in him. When we were at the pharmacy they informed me they did not have the liquid antiboidic and would have to order it. We tried another pharmacy but they didn't have it either... (can you feel my stress rising?). They gave us a few pills...  (he hadn't tried swallowing pills yet)  and said I could pick up the rest today. We live at least 23 miles from anywhere.  He did swallow the first pill last night... but the second pill he could not swallow even after trying several times.

So I will go this afternoon to pick up the new antiboidic. Hopefully tomorrow we will stay home ALL DAY.

Been rearranging our school room/dining room. Trying to organize and plan my school year. I started it this week but then had to stop.. so it is really a mess in there...  but first things first.

Sorry so long...  just wanted to share why I haven't posted and also to ask you to pray that Wyatt's ears will heal and both boys (and the rest of us) will be well.

Grace~ Teena
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  1. Aaah, it's so hard when your kids are sick and hurting. Hang in there, friend. I'll be praying.

  2. Sounds like a very tough week for you all...praying for you right now!

  3. Ah no not in the summer!!!! What a tough time to be under the weather. I pray you all will be well soon.

  4. I remember those days well Teena. It is so stressful when they are sick.
    I'll be praying for all of you.

  5. Sorry...hope everyone feels better real soon! Love and prayers, Rosalie

  6. Poor little guy!! We've got sick kids here too. I'm hoping that I don't get it cause I'm tired of being laid up--I'm just starting to feel normal again after having bouts of vertigo off and on (mostly on).

    Praying for robust wellness in your home and a life full of normal normalness! :-)


  7. I'm hoping and praying by now both Wyatt and Wesley are on the mend. I'm so sorry you been going through this, it's so exhausting to have one sick child, but extremely exhausting to have two.

    Praying for you too my friend, hope to hear from you as soon as you are able to catch your breath:-)


  8. Teena, I sure hope they feel better soon. After my youngest got Whooping Cough, it damaged his lungs. So I know how scary those episodes are! Croup & Pneumonia are more common than I like around here!

    I sure will pray that they feel better soon!


  9. Bless their hearts! I hope everyone is on the mend!