Friday, January 14, 2011

Would you be the one to change a life?

Fana, 6, lives in Ethiopia with his parents and one sibling. He is in kindergarten, where his performance is average. He is in an AIDS-affected area.

Fana has been waiting 11 months--actually, a little more than that, now.

Sandra 10 years old, tho' she certainly does not look that old, in this photo. She lives in Ghana, an AIDS-affected area, with her parents and two siblings. Her performance in primary school is average.

Sandra has also been waiting about 11-1/2 months for a sponsor.

Nine-year-old Shakil is in Bangladesh, where he lives with his parents and three siblings. He enjoys soccer and is in primary school, where his performance is average.

Shakil has been waiting almost 23 months for a sponsor.

A new friend of mine named Vicki.... asked if I would share these pictures of Compassion International children who desperately need a sponsor. If you are willing to sponsor one or more of these children go to Vicki's blog and share with her. Sponsoring one of these children changes their life forever... and will change yours too! Vicki is a Compassion Advocate.  I am so thankful God continues to bring these "friends" into my life .... Vicki, Jill, Michelle, Ann.....   
Will share more of what God has been showing me this past week.....  

May you enjoy your weekend.


  1. Beautiful children! I will pray for them to find sponsors soon!!

  2. We have two children that we have taken into our hearts. It is such a rich blessing.

  3. oh I hope they find sponsors!! I just listened to the guy who works for Compassion who was in the Haiti earthquake last year on Focus on the Family, what a story he has!