Sunday, January 02, 2011

What its all about.....

 This was my Christmas gift. Oh I received a couple other gifts. One being Ann Voskamp's book (due to come out this month!) and "Choosing to SEE" by Marybeth Chapman. 

But my "Way of the Light Wreath" was the cherished gift....  one that I will love for a lifetime and more.

I was sad to pack it away this week....  

We lit a candle each night as we read Ann's "Jesse Tree Journey." We would move the candle and Mary on the donkey each night as we read.  We would place our Jesse Tree Ornament on our Jesse Tree.  On Christmas Day we lit all the ones we had candles for.  I loved it.

I am very excited for Easter to come....   as the "Way of the Light Wreath" also allows us to prepare for His resurrection. 

From the cradle to the cross.....

May I focus on JESUS....  as I say goodbye to 2010.  May I glorify Him daily..... in 2011 and may you.


  1. Sending you wishes for a blessed new year Teena. Those are really beautiful presents.

  2. Oh, I love this gift of yours and if I was a wee bit younger I would have ordered one for myself--LOL!

    Your pictures of it are gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!


  3. I am sure I would be excited about that too
    it is very cool and such a fun thing to do with kids (o:

    my word verification is ...readme... lol