Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Crazy Week....

Alyssa with my sister in the background.....

We had a great time..... in Florida visiting Mike & Amber. They moved to Orlando in June. We decided to go down for Alyssa's 13th birthday. Alyssa was born on my sister's birthday. My sister lives in Orlando and Mike & Amber are with her til they find their own place. They are helping her clean out my parent home.....

On Sunday we visited "Grace Fellowship" where Mike & Amber have been attending. Also Rick & Christie and another couple we know have been attending there. It was a wonderful time of worship.

Michael (Mike) was asked to join the worship team and it was great watching him~ it touched me deep. As the pastor read scripture some of it was from Isaiah 53.

One of the verses was

Isaiah 53:6 "All we like sheep have gone astray we have turned everyone to his own way.... "

As I sat there Sunday morning my heart was full. I remembered that verse was the very first verse Michael memorized. It was our very first memory verse from the first day of our home schooling journey. As I watched him praise God through singing and worshipping ... I was so proud and thankful to our Father God for where He has Michael.

So often we struggle with our day to day tasks. Laundry, meals, teaching ..... but we can not forget that in the mundane daily grind.... we are teaching our children about God ... we are teaching them about Jesus... and praying that they will see Jesus in us. That they will come to know Him, love Him and serve Him with their whole heart.

We stayed an extra day to drive over to Cocoa Beach because of the hurricane "Earl" in the Atlantic ocean.... and my older guys... Dakota (17) & Michael (25) wanted to see the 5ft waves. It was fun. We didn't let the younger boys go to far out. They swim really well but the rip currents were dangerous. We saw lots of jelly fish.... played in the sand.... and afterward we went to an awesome ice cream shop called "Tutti Fruiti." Did you know I LOVE ice cream?


  1. Ah, those waves look inviting yet scary. That rip current is something else, isn't it. People don't realize how powerful it really is!

    Homeschooling - yes, if we fail to teach and model God we have not won the battle. Yes, academics are important but you can be really book smart and still be dumb. Think about all those Phd's who don't believe in God...

    What a wonderful blessing to see the fruits of your labor with you son!

    We used to go to Cocoa Beach when we would visit our family who lived close by. As kids, we thought Disney, Sea World and Cocoa Beach were one big city!


  2. What a wonderful time. Some great sun too. I miss the ocean. I haven't had much opportunity to visit it in my life but I've loved it each time.

  3. How special Teena. It is a blessing to see things come full circle - to see our children grow into the amazing adults we prayed they would be.
    I'm so glad you had this time together.