Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wow... wasn't it just yesterday....

Have you started school yet?

The three youngest and I will not start til the 16th or maybe the 23rd. It is so hot here and we are still getting ready plus enjoying summer. One of the benefits of home schooling.

My 3rd born, Dakota who is a senior this year started yesterday.

It is his last "first" day of school. He is excited. He will go on to college.... but our home schooling years will soon be a memory.

Looking back.... cause you know that is what we do....

I wish I wouldn't have been so grumpy at times, or just set the book work down and taken more times to sit and read together or go for a walk.... or just sit on the swing and talk, laugh... share.

He is on to driving, working and wondering how college will be.... the days of bugs, science experiments, reading together, lunches in the woods.... bike riding are gone.

Wasn't it yesterday he started kindergarten?

Remember..... grab hold of the moment, make memories.... we only have a short time... it will soon be gone~


  1. My youngest starts kindergarten on Monday!!!! :( Oh my.... I am a basketcase because I know it WILL go so quickly...

    Have a great week!

    ~ ~

  2. The time goes by so swiftly Teena. My daughter-in-law started school last week. Their home-school co-op group decided to start early this year so they can take the whole month of December off.
    Don't look back Teena - God's grace is truly amazing, and somehow so many of the things we regret He covers.

  3. Wasn't it just yesterday--the story of my life! Wow! Don't the days go by so fast?? Wish we could slow them down just a bit. Makes me think of the Carters commercial... "if they could just stay little till their carters wear out." :)

    Thank you for always encouraging me to make memories with them!

    Love you friend.