Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July~

Yesterday the three youngest and I went to the tomato patch. It was a beautiful day in South Georgia. Maybe a record breaker.... cold front was coming through.... hehe... most of you know that JULY in SOUTH Georgia is HOT. Very very hot. This year though it has been awesome.

Breeze was blowing.... when I drove by the bank around 11:30 yesterday morning it said 81 degrees!

We only picked a 5 gallon bucket full of tomatoes. Not many of us here ... like them. I do.. and dh does. I love tomato sandwiches. Eating tomatoes dipped in ranch dressing.... yum.

We also boiled some peanuts yesterday.... and today. My kids LOVE boiled peanuts. I remember when we were stationed in California I asked some friends if they liked "boiled peanuts" they had a disgusting look on their face and asked if they turned into peanut butter? They had never heard of "boiled peanuts."

Michael & Amber have settled in Orlando.

Mandi went to visit a lifelong friend in Alabama.

Just 4 children here at home.

Dakota leaves tomorrow for M-Fuge. Mandi comes home tomorrow night. Life is busy.... we are enjoying our summer.

We will go see the Fireworks tonight..... bring our watermelon....

Remembering today.... my Dad and others who have served and are serving our country.
Wyatt Emory at his Papa's grave~ (he is named after my dad)

May we BLESS/glorify God today... He is the one who gives us freedom. It is because of Him that I have eternal life. It is because of Him that I have a constant peace... even when everything around me is crazy and sometimes chaotic.... He is my peace. He is my Hope.
Happy 4th~


  1. Happy fourth to you and your family. I hope your day continues to be a wonderful one. We have tons of rain right now and the children are worried that they won't get to see any fireworks!!

    take care,

  2. Enjoyed reading several of your blog posts. Wondering where in South Georgia you live? We are in Southwest Georgia . . . but headed to Southeast Georgia! :)