Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The week between......

Christmas & New Year is a good time for us. No stress. No big meals.... just relaxing, cleaning up.... still reading our Advent....

not worrying about gifts.... or buying or wrapping....

Our older children went to a conference from Monday- Wednesday (today). It was just the three youngest, dh and I. So different without all of us. Nice time with the littles. We read some books together, played some board games..... had some good time of prayer.

For New Year's Eve... we have a fellowship at our church.... bringing in the New Year. For New Year's day we will all be here again.... through the weekend. We will have a big meal together, some deserts. My cheesecake didn't turn out for Christmas.... terrible! I realized I put fat free cream cheese in it by mistake.... yuck. LOL~ So I will try that one again. The kids will play and spend some fun time together.

Thinking about my goals for 2010. I also like to look back over 2009... and see what God has done. We do our prayer box. Each New Years we write our prayer requests down and put them in our prayer box.... leave them all year and take them out on the next New Years and read them. Seeing how God answered..... we also put in new ones.

Would love to hear how things are going this week at your home. What New Year activities will you be doing.... or what goals are you setting for 2010?

Be Blessed~


  1. It sounds as though you are having wonderful family times. I love all of your traditions. They are such a big part of family togetherness!
    I feel as though the New Year has sort of snuck up on me. Of course, I knew it was coming, but I have been focused on the kids' visit and my Dad's out-patient surgery (it went well, and he is doing fabulously) and haven't given it the thought I need to. I will have to prayerfully consider what I need to focus on this coming year.
    Enjoy the time with your family. It all sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks Teena for stopping by....

    I tried to get here the other day when you left a comment about me "pressing on." You just seem to have the exact words to say so many times.that certainly describes how I feel. Pressing into the pain of missing Joel, pressing against the sorrow, many times it feels like such a wall and I feel as if I am pressing against it but its not moving. Yes, I am pressing on but sometimes I just want to sit on a heap and NOT press on, especially as I remember the days ahead. Also thank you for your prayers. I know you have been so faithful to go before the Lord for me....I know that your thinking and remembering with means so much to me!!

    Sounds like your New Years Eve will be a fun time!! We will have Dave and Kate and one of Bethany's friends whose family is having problems. I hope we can encourage her and give her a "hope."

    Keep in touch....

    You are loved!!!!


  3. Sounds so peaceful around there. I don't know you well enough yet to know this... do you live in the country? The kids don't seem to be all wrapped up in computer games and TV... that is nice.

    As for goals... I should come up with some. Not a resolution, rather a goal (o:

    I like that your church is having a get together on New Years Eve. Wish we had something like that.

  4. Hi Teena, Just stopping by to see your blog. I don't think I've been here before. I just started a new blog. I've blogged for years, but hadn't touched it in months. I decided a fresh start might inspire me to write more than trying to dust off the old blog :)
    My new blog is