Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Another Fall Day....

I can hear the kids jumping on the trampoline.... Mandi is home!

My grandmother's pound cake is in the oven... I am making it for my favorite cousin.

We did a little school today.... just some math and phonics. We read our Thanksgiving books... you know about the Pilgrims and Squanto.... we made turkey hand prints....

A package came in the mail.... "Streams in the Desert" sent to me from LUKE'S mom... Sue. This cyber space that we share... these blogs that encourage us. The ones we share with, cry with, laugh with.... they are REAL people. I love when it goes closer than just HERE. When someone (or I) send a word by snail mail, email... or even a phone call. Just maybe one day (this side of heaven) we will meet. I did meet Sue this past June. We spent the day together. It was great... something I will always cherish. I know she prays for me... as I pray for her. When we speak to the Father about our blog friends.... when we lift them up to the Lord when they come to our mind that brings us all together..... for HIS glory.

I am thankful for these blog friends that have grown closer through the years.... to honor HIM... to share HIS love.... together as friends. Cindy, Ann, Linda.... along with Sue are dear to me.... and so many of you.... some new ones.... Karen, Silas' mom and the list goes on. I am blessed.

Anyway.... its been an almost stressLESS day. I am grateful. We started our Advent reading... a little early but so we will not fall to far behind.

We roasted mini marshmellows over a candle.... lol ~ they loved it.

I haven't seen the SUN come out today.... the leaves have fallen.... outside it is wet... cloudy... patches of orange and brown everywhere.

We are enjoying Mandi being home.....


  1. It all sounds wonderful. I'm so glad she's home!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Enjoy your time with Mandy! I'm so glad you have her home. (almost expected you to say you had joined the kids on the trampoline shouting 'Mandi's home!') LOL! :o)

    Thank you for being a wonderful blog friend and an encouragement to me. You are a true Titus 2 woman of God! (((HUGS)))